IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
13–15 September 2022 // Arlington, Virginia, USA

Technical Paper Sessions

Tuesday, 13 September

11:15-11:25 – Technical Papers Session 1 (Wireless PHY)
Session Chair: Eric Burger, VA Tech

11:25-11:45 – Impact of Device Thermal Performance on 5G mmWave Communication Systems
Rochman et. al. (Univ. of Chicago)

11:45-12:05 – Distributed Compressed Sensing Karhunen-Lo´eve Expansion – Application to Millimeter-Wave Resource Allocation Through Group Beamforming
Robaei and Akl (Univ. of North Texas)

12:05-12:55 – Multi-User Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided Communications Under Discrete Phase Shifts
Jiang and Schotten (Various)

15:00-16:00 – Technical Papers Session 2 (Modeling)
Session Chair: Vijay Gurbani, Vail Systems

15:00-15:20 – Modeling of NR C-V2X Mode 2 Throughput
Collin Brady et al. (Univ. of Washington)

15:20-15:40 – Change Detection Method Using Cluster Transition Probability
Takahashi et al. (NTT Corporation)

15:40-16:00 – Measuring and Modeling Aggregate LTE Connection Reliability for Train Operations
Garcia et al. (Various)

Wednesday, 14 September

15:20-16:00 – Technical Papers Session 3 (Miscellaneous)
Session Chair: Eric Burger, VA Tech.

15:20-15:40 – Anomaly Detection with Autoencoders for Spectrum Sharing and Monitoring
Stefan Tschimben (Univ. of Colorado)

15:40-16:00 – Coexistence of Delay-Based TCP Congestion Control: Challenges and Opportunities
Srivastava et al. (New York Univ.)